17 October 2012

Agile Adoption Webinar (Part 2): Infographic

Last week, Planbox invited Greg Geracie and Steven Starke from Actuation Consulting for a live webinar about agile adoption. The webinar was based on their recently published study, in which they uncover 5 common key factors that were all present in high-performing product teams. In addition, they authors discuss recent trends in project management methodologies.  

Watch the full webinar recording here. 

  In this second part of a series of 2 blog posts about the agile adoption webinar, we present you a quick summary of the important data that was shared during the presentation.  If you like it, remember to please share it!   Agile Adoption Infographic by Planbox   You might also be interested in: Agile Adoption Webinar (Part 1): Questions & Answers
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